Location & Days
Graceland University
Lamoni, Iowa
June 16-June 22, 2019

Since 2001 Restoration Saints have been coming together for worship, fellowship, and education to learn of the missionary efforts and to grow in their own witness of Jesus Christ -- Lord, Savior, and King. Join us in the greatest endeavor that life can afford.

We envision a body of Christ, valiant in testimony and outreach to others. We envision a people seeking opportunities to share Jesus’ love with others on a consistent (at least daily) basis. We envision the Gospel going throughout all the world in our day.

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The mission of the Missionary Family Reunion is to provide an environment free of religious politics where individuals can learn to obtain their own, concrete testimony of Jesus in their life. It will provide the tools and training needed to share their testimony with others. The Missionary Family Reunion will provide a training environment for the Restoration Seventy and will seek to motivate the body of Christ to be actively engaged in sharing their testimonies through affirmative preaching, worship and classes.


1. To feed the people spiritually.
2. To provide classes that teach missionary methods.
3. To draw families closer together through communication exercises, activities and testimony.
4. To preach motivating missionary sermons, rich in testimony of sharing the Gospel.
5. To encourage Saints to share their testimonies and recognize God’s blessings when they do.
6. To create an opportunity for Saints of all ages to get practical experience witnessing to others.
7. To be self-sufficient and meet our financial obligations.