"Riding the White Horse"

A number of years ago I received a phone call from a modern day prophet who had received a message for me. It was given in a dream and they were told to share it as given because I would understand the imagery conveyed. The amazing aspect was that the prophet had no clue what this dream represented, yet I knew immediately what it meant. Here is the dream and the interpretation.

The prophet saw me working in a stable. But this was no ordinary stable, it was the king’s stable. They saw me as being so sad with the work I was currently called to offer for the king. With shovel in hand my work was shoveling manure in the stable. I kept gazing out the stable door, watching all the knights ride off on great white horses for the king. Their armor radiated with light and each held a brilliant sword of the spirit. My sorrow was in wishing for the day where I too could ride.

But then the prophet noticed that there was only one horse in the stable. It was a beautiful white horse that I was tending too and it was the one I would someday ride. I was told that when I was filled with sorrow, confused about the ministry, that I was to “look at the horse” and find comfort in what it represented. I was told that I needed to learn how to ride, so I would be ready when the king called me to go forth.

When times got difficult (meaning when the smell of the manure or the tedious nature of the work became too much to bear) I was to “look at the horse” and know the importance of what it represented. Being next to the horse I was to find comfort because I was actually tending to it, learning its traits, and that I could practice how to ride. I could overcome the ridicule of those who saw me shoveling manure, knowing full well that the horse was there for me and that I would some day ride. Now here is the interpretation of the dream.

The white horse represents a “movement” of God and each horse and rider has an appointed mission and time to start the movement. But we must learn how to ride by understanding the characteristics of each horse (purpose of the movement) and that it must be done in all humility. Remember, the greatest of all things had the humblest of beginnings. So it is, that the greatest movements of God began with work similar to a stable hand shoveling manure.

You may be called to evangelize many nations, but in order to do this in humility you will begin in service oriented ministry. Meaning, you will learn to ride by doing things that no one else wants to do. See this as doing the “hard repentance”, where God breaks your will by having you complete tasks that many feel beneath them, tasks that individuals typically resist because of where it places you in the eyes of your peers.

But many fail to see the reward! Meaning, the white horse you will ride is the one you are tending too, you can see it, learn to ride it, and become a friend with the movement you will one day move out on. By putting you next to the horse God is showing that he will one day exalt you, but before he can do that he must break you, and humble you before you are allowed to ride on His mission.

The Lord has shown me in dreams and visions that this horse represents the coming kingdom. I had a vision where the Lord placed the plumb line in my hand (Zechariah 4:8-10). I had another where I literally saw the Holy City and how it is much closer than many realize. I tell you this that you may understand the “times and seasons”. I also tell you this because you too may be called to ride a white horse on a quest for the king. But before this happens, you will be broken of self and you must first learn to ride!