Inspired Message through Yvonne Galusha
August 15, 2010 -- Zarahemla Restoration Branch -- Blue Springs, MO

Hear ye oh children of the Lamb; who have remained faithful, who have sought to stand according to the truth that was restored, as it always has been from the foundation of the earth; even the fullness of the gospel, as given by the one whose it is to give; even the Savior & King Jesus Christ.

Know that the time has come to move forward with those who have shown themselves worthy to be entrusted with the continuance of this great work; that my Church might be built up, and my Zion redeemed.

I give this assurance now that you might know that that which you see to soon unfold is according to my will and purposes; and is now moved forward according to the faith and trustworthiness of those servants who have shown themselves worthy of this work.

Let your hearts take strength; and know that I do nothing without first making known my purposes to my faithful ones; and to this end do I give you this counsel that you might know that the raising up of my Church, among those who hitherto have not heard my fullness, is because those, who have hitherto heard it, have had opportunity to make their choice; and now the invitation will go to these others that they, too, might have opportunity to assist.

So know, my sons, that these things are according to my will and purposes; and soon you will see the door open to those who hitherto you have been unable to reach.

Go forth, my sons, in great diligence once this door opens; for it will be for only a brief time that you will have time to gather those on this land before the wickedness of men will make these things more difficult. 

I will direct you in this early harvest, if you will seek me; but, I ask that you now gird up your loins and prepare that you might go forth without delay when this time soon comes.

Know that in my faithful ones I am well pleased; and I will take these righteous few and bring forth a great harvest that a remnant might remain, once my adversary is removed, to build up the waste places of my Promiseland.

Know that these words are of me, your Savior and King; and I give them now that you might go forth in assurance once this door is opened unto you. 

I will always go before you and prepare the way; but, I ask that you now prepare in all diligence that my Spirit might have great place through you to the convincing of many.  Only those who have prepared will be acceptable vessels unto me, in the manifestation of my Spirit unto the convincing of many.

So take heed, my sons, that you might have place to share mightily in this work; and know that I am with you to the end.

Even So, Amen.