Inspired Message through Yvonne Galusha
June 26, 2011 -- Seventy Reunion -- Lamoni, IA

To My Seventy:

I give you this counsel that you might know that I am well pleased in your coming together to do the work of my Church.  I can see your hearts and your desire for me, and in your righteous desires I am well pleased.  I would have you know that I have heard your prayers and seen your efforts to be a worthy vessel unto me, and these things are most pleasing to me.

To my son Jim McKay, I would have you especially know that your willingness to go forth and do whatever I would have you do, is most pleasing to me; and I give you assurance that very soon the door will be opened so that you can go forth and bring souls unto my Church in places that hitherto have been unopen to you.

To my son Neil Simmons, I ask that you spend more time in special communion with me; for the work I will, yet, accomplish through you requires that you have a very close walk with me; that I might show forth my power through you to the convincing of many that this is my Church; and, only, in this Church will my children find a fullness of rest in me.

I ask all my Seventy to continue in your preparation that you might be ready to go where I will take you; for great will be the demands soon placed upon you, and great will be the number of people who will clamor to hear my gospel, once the things my children now rely on are taken from them.

At this time will many turn to you, because of the power of my Spirit that I have manifested through those who are sent forth in my name as ordained Seventy in my Church.  Only those, who prepare now, will be worthy vessels unto me; and only those, who have received me in this greater way, will be able to do the things I am calling you to do; that my Church might be built up; that my people might be prepared for the things that shortly lie before them.

I  would have you know that I am well pleased in your efforts to function more as one before me; and as you continue to seek this unity, my Spirit will be allowed greater place among you as the body of my Seventy; and then will all grow in assurance that I am with you, and calling you to go forth into my vineyard and gather my sheep; that they, too, might be strengthened and assured in me.

My sons, great is my love and joy in you; your faithfulness to remain true to your calling, in spite of the brokened state of my body, is most pleasing to me; and I give you assurance through my Spirit that I have spoken to you through the hand of my daughter; that you might have my counsel as you continue your preparation for greater service, and your diligent work unto me now.

I ask that you come aside daily and seek close communion with me.  Let not a day go by when you don’t come aside to dwell with me.  Be diligent in your study, fasting, and prayer.  Let not the demands of daily life and service separate you from these things.  Always remember to walk in charity towards one another and my children that I am allowed greater and greater place in your ministry. 

If you will do these things, my Spirit will go before you and bless you, and those you seek to serve in my name, in abundance; and you will come to readily know my will and direction for you, on a minute by minute basis.

My sons, this is my great desire that you stand forth in my stead, such, that my people will know that I have called you and sent you forth, because of the power of my Spirit that they see with you.

Know that in you, my Seventy, I am well pleased; for I know all the things you have endured in my name, and all the things you will, yet, endure for my namesake.  Be assured that I am with you, and will be quick to respond to your slightest desire, as you go forth for me to gather my children into my Church.

Let nothing separate you from these things, my sons; for great is my desire for you to go forth in great power and authority of my Spirit; and great will be the blessing you will bring to my people as they see you doing this work for me and my Church.

So consider carefully my counsel, my sons; and let nothing come before this work that I am calling you to do.  I will be with you to share your burdens and trials, and I will rejoice with you as you shortly bring many into my Church, because of the power of my Spirit that witnesses to the many that already know me; that this is my Church, and unto this group should they gather.

So take courage, my sons, and prepare diligently to do this work for me; that all might stand well approved, ready to go forth when I soon open the door to these things.

Thus saith the one you covenanted to serve, the one who died that men might again return unto the Father, even the one you know as Jesus Christ. 

Even So, Amen.