Inspired Message received by Yvonne Galusha
September 23 & October 6, 2016 ~ Donald Trump will be President

Those who learn to live fully for me will be my bride. Those who desire me and receive me, but who have not learned to fully lay down themselves for me, will be the guests at my wedding. These will then have a thousand years to further prepare to join me and my bride, but few will be able to make the needed changes; for when they are again faced with even greater temptation, when I again release my enemy, they will succumb; and, for a season, will still live on the earth, until my bride rises up and calls upon me to remove these things. So you will find that only me and my bride will dwell in the new earth, that I create after these things.

I hear your desire to know when is my wedding. It will be after I create a final place for her, although I will come and get her at the time of the first resurrection. Only those, who fully lay down themselves for me, will be part of the bride; the others are part of the wedding party, and guests, although there will be no guests at the final event of full union with me, my bride and my Father.

I hear your thoughts and will say that I always desire to do my work in times of peace and blessing, but my children usually will not. Thus, for me to move my work forward, there will be greater tribulation and suffering. I have held these things back from your nation, but will soon no longer do so. Your brother Donald Trump, as President, will give my children a little more time, but most will not use this time to further prepare in me. A few will, and I made known these things to you that you might use this time wisely, both spiritually and physically, to make final preparation. Let your brothers and sisters know that I give them him in mercy, for after this, will come a flood of evil that will overwhelm many. 

Thus saith the One you serve, even your Bridegroom Jesus Christ, Even So, Amen.


To My Children that Call Themselves by My Name:

I speak that you might know that I have heard the many prayers you have offered unto me for your nation; and, because you have humbled yourselves and called upon me, I will move and give you time to further prepare in me, by placing my son Donald Trump as president in your country.

I tell you this that you might know of assurity that this will be, only, because I have intervened; otherwise, the collective choices of your nation have brought you to a point of overriding, great evil, which always brings disorder, violence and the suffering, especially, of my children.

Yet, because many have humbled themselves and called upon me, I will give you a few more years to make final preparation; that a few might pass through the great trials that are coming; that my Promiseland might be cleansed from all wickedness; that a place might be prepared for my Kingdom; even Zion the beautiful, that has long awaited to return to the earth; albeit, she will not, yet, return until a people have re-built and prepared to receive her in fullness.

I say these things that you might better understand, for what I am asking you to prepare; for few there be who are responding to the things I have already given; and, I desire that my children, who have been entrusted with the fullness of my gospel, especially respond.

Know that I have many flocks; and, I will soon move in greater measure to bring my people together, that they might be strengthened to pass through these things; but, only those, who now prepare, will recognize when a thing is of me.
I ask that you be willing to set aside all things, that are not of me; and, by this means, I will be allowed greater place; and, you will then know, of assurity, when a thing is of me.

I give you this counsel in great mercy; for I have already been calling upon you to better prepare, yet, few have started in their preparation; and, only those, who do prepare, will I be able to use to accomplish this great work, of bringing those, who are willing, together.

I ask that you not delay any longer; for few there would be, who are ready, if I were to open this door now.

Let your hearts open to receive me; and, let nothing take precedence over spending time, daily, with me, in communion, study and prayer; for great is my desire to know you more intimately, as you grow to know me and my will; for this knowing comes from intimate fellowship, as a man and woman, who are married, grow to know each other; and, this is what you are called to be, part of my bride—espoused through holy covenant; set apart to be a holy, peculiar people; fully dedicated to me.

So hear me, my people, and come unto me in greater preparation; that we might share in this time of great joy; that will soon come upon my people, as some receive me in greater measure, through authoritative covenant, and others share in my joy, through our joint labor.

I ask that you carefully consider my counsel, for I do not give it lightly. Thus saith your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Even So, Amen.