Inspired Message through Yvonne Galusha
October 3, 2012

To the Men of My Church:

I give you these words that you might know that now is the time that my Church be raised up in great power and authority; even to become my bride, the one whom I will use to bring forth my Kingdom.  The one who will show forth works of righteousness, as did I in days of Old.

I say to my people arise and put on the armor of God in great faith; believing all that has been made known to you through my prophets; that the day will come when men will do greater acts, than what I did, because I go to my Father, and I leave them to be my hands and feet among the children of men.

Today is the day that many of my servants longed to walk the earth, to serve me when I move upon the children of men in great power of my Spirit; that many might be gathered unto me out from among the wicked; before the reign of terror, that my adversary has planned, is released upon them.

So I say unto you, my sons, arise and take strength; for the time of your service to bring many unto me has come; and I ask that you let nothing stop you from going forth, according to the leadings of my Spirit, once this day is opened unto you; for the door will be open for just a little season, and all are called to go forth in great efforts, of bringing many souls into my Church; that she may be raised up in great glory unto me; that she might be strengthened to accomplish all that I will ask of her.

My sons, I am asking you to set aside the things that continue to separate you; that you might come unto me, as one united body of elders, to do this great work of building up my Church for me.  Let not this opportunity pass from you; for those who do not respond to my call, will have great regret; and will, one day, know what they could have done for me, but, they would not; because they, instead, clung to themselves and their own desires, before their desire for me, in allowing me to rule my Church.

I give you these words that all might know that I left them no excuse, that they did not know my will; for seldom have I spoken so plainly, leaving no doubt as to my will.  So, my sons, come unto me on bended knee, in great repentance; and I will give you witness that these words are of me; even Jesus Christ, the one who you have covenanted to serve, the one who greatly yearns for you to respond, in great repentance, seeking reconciliation, first with me, and then your brothers.

Those, who heed these words, will find that I will soon pour out my Spirit upon them, in greater measure; that they might be well prepared, to go forth and do this work of harvest for me; and great will be their joy when they, one day, stand before me and I will say to them, ‘Well done my faithful servant, now enter into your reward in me.’

What more can I say to bring about the repentance I desire, my sons?  What more can I do to bring you into the depths of humility; that I might grant you the blessings I so desire to give; but, can only be given to a body of servants, who are willing to lay down their all for me and each other.

I tell you, if you cannot lay down these differences for each other, then you will not be able to lay down what is required to bring these many souls into my Church, as I so desire that you do.  Now is the time of final preparation; and I ask that you go to your brothers, for my namesake, and make the amends; that my Spirit might be allowed great place, to bring about the healing that is necessary, to bring you back as one body of elders before me.

Consider carefully my words; and come unto me in mighty prayer; that I might direct, each one, as to what they might do for me, to bring about this much needed healing among you.  Come to me often in the prayer of faith, desiring that you again become one body of elders, just as I desire it.

It is by this means that I will be allowed place to accomplish this work; and by this means that you will gain the victory over my adversary; who seeks to keep you separate from each other, and therefore me, that you might never go forth and accomplish this great harvest of souls for me.

My sons, now is the time to repent; all must come before me in sack cloth and ashes, if they are to be a part of my healing act, and gain their place in this army; that I am preparing to send forth to gather many into my Church.

What I have spoken will not return to me void; and all that I give will one day stand, to either uphold or condemn my children.  So I tell all who read these words, to not take them lightly; for they are of eternal consequence unto them.

Be assured that my hand is extended to all my elders, with no partiality to any one group; but, my work will continue among my Conference; for it is this group that has followed my leadings to establish the vote and voice of my people; that I desire to be in place, unto these many new members, that I will soon bring to my Church.

Therefore, those, who desire to share in this great work, must come and join with this group; that they might become one before me.  Think not that these are more righteous, for all have great need of repentance; and I have continued to work with all, according to their righteous desires and faith on my name; but, I tell you, my sons, that only as my children can come and function as one people before me, can they receive the greater spiritual blessings; that can only come as a people learn to function as one body, even my bride, my Church.

So consider carefully these things; and humble yourselves, and come unto me in conference, that I might further prepare you for this great task; for the task is great, and much strength is required, if you are to endure the many trials that my adversary will soon place upon you.

My sons, I ask that you turn not away from my counsel; and, instead, open your hearts and minds to receive my words; that I might draw nigh unto you, that you might receive the great honor of being one of my servants, well prepared for this last great harvest.  Know that the time for preparation is well-nigh past; so you must now respond, if you are to have part.

Thus saith your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; even the great eternal one, who yearns for you to come and join me in this time of great harvest.  Know that only those who respond now will receive my Spirit in abundance, to bring forth an abundance unto me; and I desire that each one receive this blessing.

So heed my counsel, my sons, and come unto me; that I might grant you this great blessing. 
Even So, Amen.