Inspired Message received by Yvonne Galusha
March 27, 2017

Thus saith your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, even He who now sits on the throne in heaven, who desires greatly for a people to put aside all that separates them from Him.

I speak to those who have humbled themselves and sought my will, for it pleases me to give counsel to those who seek me in earnest prayer and supplication. I also speak to those who are not, yet, sure about the things that I have given through my servants Fred Greene and Neil Simmons. I desire especially that my sons hear this counsel, for great will soon be the need for them to go forth unto many in this my land of America, unto the raising up of many branches unto me.

Hear me, my children; let not the wiles of the wicked one separate you from the work wherein I have called you, to take forth my restored gospel unto all who are willing to receive it. For my hand is not shortened, and it is yet day, that you can labor to bring forth fruit meet for my Father’s Kingdom.

For have I not told you how great is the worth of souls unto me? Let your hearts be strengthened, for I desire that you put aside your differences and seek to do the work whereunto I have called you; that I might, yet, have a people well prepared to bring forth my Kingdom.

Let your heart open to these my words, for I give them in great anticipation to the work that I will soon open unto you. In that day, many will seek to be taught about my Restoration and will desire to receive the authority that you have so carefully preserved unto me.

Know that this is accounted unto you as righteousness; yet, I would ask that you not let it become a stumbling block among you, as some seek to serve me in the higher offices of my church, while others choose to hold back from these things, until greater manifestation of my presence is given.

Know that I desire that all my flocks now seek to come together, that my people might be strengthened to endure the times of trial that will soon be upon them. Only, by this means, will I be allowed sufficient place, to show forth myself in great measure; for then will my children be seeking me in a unified effort, such, that their hearts will be able to receive me, as I greatly desire to give. I say this that you might understand, more perfectly, that I am waiting on you to show forth myself, even though many think that they are waiting on me.

My children, great will be the opportunity for service that I will soon open unto you, and great will be the reward of those who share in this work. But, only those, who can set aside their differences and seek to serve me in wholeness of mind, body and spirit, will I grant my manifest power, such, that they will be able to have part.

Let your heart open to receive my counsel; that I might bear witness that these words are from me; even the One you seek, the One, who desires greatly for a people to lay aside all things from my adversary’s kingdom; that they are able to receive fully my Kingdom; even my Zion, the precious jewel, that awaits to again return to earth; that our joy might be full.

Thus, I give this counsel, that my servants might diligently seek me; that they might allow me to lead my Church, might set aside themselves; that my Spirit might heal the wounds, might bind up the broken hearted; that my people might again arise in great hope and faith, unto the purpose that I entrusted to them; even the bringing forth of my precious child, even the Kingdom of God to earth.

Even So, Amen.