Inspired Message received by Yvonne Galusha
June 16, 2016 ~ Directed to the Priesthood

I speak to those, who are willing to hear.

Blessed are those, who are willing to lay down their life for another. Blessed are those, who forsake all for my names sake; for they shall inherit me, and all that I am and ever will be.

Yet, many are not able to make this sacrifice, for they care more about their own will and place, than my will and place; and, for this cause, I am unable to lead this people.

Great is my desire to lead fully a people, that I might make myself known unto many. Great is the need for a people that I can use to go forth in my name into all the earth, that I might show forth my name in great power and authority, unto the healing of many.

I say this that you might know that it is, for this cause, that I am moving to make known my will, and no longer waiting for a people to receive my will; for those that know me, will respond and come; and, in these, will I manifest myself in great measure.

The choice that my children make will affect their place for eternity; for am I not God, and can I not bring many unto me? But, I will only use those who are first willing to lay down all for me.

How many have come to me in great supplication? How many have prepared, such, that they know my voice unto utter assurance? How many have set aside time, on a regular basis, to dwell with me?

I tell you that only these will follow as I lead; and, soon I will move in greater measure, and then men will know if a servant is of me or not, by the things they do in my name; for I will no longer tolerate the many, who claim to serve me, yet only serve themselves.

Know that the time is very, very short to prepare; and, only those, who are sufficiently prepared in me, will have part, when I move in great power to recover my people into one body, and one place; for only by this means, can I prepare a people to receive me when I come.

Let all, who will hear, come now unto me, in their private place; that I might have a people, well prepared, to do this mighty work for me; even unto the bringing forth of many into my church, my body, my bride.

Thus saith the One you claim to serve, the Great I AM, Jesus the Christ, Even So, Amen.