Inspired Message received by Yvonne Galusha
July 18, 2017

Tell my people that I am now moving to gather those who are willing into one body, that I might better draw them close to me, that they might not be lost, whether in life or death. The time is very short to gather my little ones into the covenant, and I desire that my children in the Restoration enter into a season of mighty prayer that many might be brought in to join them.

Know that only those who have made an authoritative covenant with me, witnessed in the waters of baptism, will be given the heavenly gift, even the Holy Ghost; and, with this, will my children have my guidance, direction and protection. I ask that my children in the Restoration make this a matter of daily prayer, that they seek me through diligent supplication that I might gather many.

Know that destruction is at your doorstep, and I have given you a final period of grace to prepare, and great will be the remorse of those who do not heed this counsel. I ask that you prepare both spiritually and physically, for not only your own loved ones, but also enough to help others. I ask that you better organize yourselves that you might be able to assist each other during this time of great difficulty. I ask that you now remove from your lives the things that are not of me, that you might better have my Spirit to assist you.

I tell you, my children, that I have already dispatched my angels of destruction on your nation, because of the evil approved by your leaders and because the majority have rejected my laws and me. I speak that my precious ones might be prepared to pass through these things, that I might have a remnant well prepared to bring forth my Kingdom.

Seek me and I will give you witness that these words are from me, and you will know that the time is very short for you to make these preparations. The day will come when all will know that I warned my people, but few will hear and obey. Yet, I speak for the sake of the few and ask that you let nothing separate you from this counsel, for there is yet time, if you start now.

Always remember that what is most important is your walk with me, yet great will be the opportunity to share for those who have well-prepared, and great will be the opportunity to bring many souls to me through these acts of love and kindness.

So hear me, my children, and consider now how you will respond. Delay no longer, for the darkness is soon upon your nation, and you are called to be my beacons of light.

Who will heed my word? Who will be my faithful servant? Who will have oil in their lamp? I say only those who heed my voice and do the things I am asking my servants to do.

Know that very soon you will see evidence of these things, but then it will be too late. Let this sink deep into your heart and stir you continually to do the things I am asking my covenant people to do. For great is this opportunity for service and great will be our joy, for those who let not this opportunity pass from them.

Thus saith the One you claim to serve, the One with whom you have made holy covenant, even Jesus Christ, the Great I AM, Even So, Amen.