Inspired Message received by Yvonne Galusha
January 14, 2018

Thus saith He who reigneth on high among the mansions of heaven. Hear ye oh children of men. I speak that all might know that soon cometh a great destruction, because of your unwillingness to allow me place among this, my people, who I brought from many lands, that they might worship me and live in freedom. Yet, my people in America have rejected me, for the most part, and, therefore, I am no longer able to quell the forces of evil that seek to destroy my people, even those who do still honor and seek to follow me.

I give this warning that men might know that this great destruction could never have come, if my people in America had not rejected me and turned away from my laws, even the very principles on which this nation was founded. Those, who know me, already realize these things, but, I speak that these words are held as a witness against those who have rejected me and have allowed evil great place, in this my choice nation.

Be forewarned and know that the day soon cometh when your freedoms will be removed, and, the luxuries, you take for granted, will be no more. Yet, I will preserve my people, and, I will bring a remnant through this time of great trial, and, with them, will I bring forth my Kingdom.

And then, will many see the power of heaven manifested through these chosen vessels, and then, will the enemy realize that his days are numbered. For many will seek to enter my Kingdom and depart out of his kingdom, but, only the pure in heart, the humble and repentant, will be allowed place.

Hear ye, oh children of men, for rarely have I spoken with such clarity. Yet, the day soon cometh when the truth, of these my words, can no longer be denied.

Let my people humble themselves, that they might be found worthy of the great work that I will soon accomplish, among those, who heed my counsel, who turn away from the lures of the adversary’s kingdom, and, instead, come unto me.

For in these, will I give my Spirit, such, that the enemy can no longer wreak havoc; and, I will draw them close unto myself; and, they will share my joy for eternity, in this great work of bringing forth my literal Kingdom to earth.

Let your hearts open and give heed, that all may be found worthy to enter therein.  

Thus saith He whose right it is to rule; even the One you know as Jesus Christ, the alpha and omega, the only way unto the eternal Father; who is without beginning or end, who ruleth all things, now, from His throne in heaven; but, who will, one day, rule from earth.

Even So, Amen.