Inspired Message through Yvonne Galusha
January 9, 2013

In the name of the Father I give these words of guidance to my children, as they seek to come together into one body before me. Know that as you seek to obey me in becoming one, I will bless you in greater and greater measure.

It is my desire that my children put aside the things that separate them and embrace the things, in greater measure, on which they can unite. As they do this, love and charity abounds, trust is fostered, and my Spirit is allowed greater and greater place; and by this means, the power of darkness will flee.

My precious little ones, I know the deep desires of your hearts for me and my work; and I know the fears and concerns that continue to hold you back from following the leadings of my Spirit; and I know the great powers of evil that continue to tear you apart and bring more and more separation and confusion.

Yet, I can overcome these things, if you will but humble yourselves and diligently seek me in fasting and prayer, united in this desire to be one; that I might, yet, use you to build up my Church; that she might, yet, fulfill her great calling to bring forth my Zion.

Oh my children, what can I say to move you to come unto me in greater measure, willing to lay aside the things you believe are needed to organize my Church, in favor of the things that I know that are needed to raise her up in great purity, and charity, and chastity unto me?

I ask that all, who claim to know me, carefully consider these things; for only by the power of my Spirit can my Church be raised up; and only as you allow me greater and greater place, by coming unto me in humble supplication and repentance, can I grant you the things you need to accomplish that which you long to do for me.

I give these words to all my people, but especially my sons, who are ordained to stand in my stead; for it is they who have the greater accountability to me for my Church; and it is they to whom my people look to provide the vision, as to how these things are to be accomplished.

Yet, I give this guidance through a handmaiden at this time, because it was she who humbled herself and asked me what to do regarding the bringing together of my people into one body, from the many diverse groups within the Restoration and without the Restoration.

Thus, my people, I say unto you that only as you humble yourselves in greater measure, and are willing to put aside your will for my will, can you have part in the work that you will soon see unfold in the raising up of my Church.

There are many to whom have been given some understanding of these things, but I say unto you that I alone know the things that must be done; and few there will be who are able to accept me, such, that they will have part, because of your unwillingness to do the things that I have asked you to do throughout the ages, and also, again, herein.

So, my children, the day will come that these, my words, will also be held unto you as a blessing or a cursing, as is always the case with my direction; and I ask that you carefully consider these things that you may be accounted worthy to have place, as I soon accomplish my great work of raising up my Church; that she might, yet, bring forth my precious child, even my Zion, which my heart longs to fulfill.

Carefully consider these things, my children; for these words will be a blessing or condemnation unto you when you enter the mansions of my Father. I give them because I know the things that are needed for you to continue forth and fulfill my work; and I know the righteous desires of many of your hearts; yet, I also know your inability to humble yourselves and go to your brothers and sisters seeking reconciliation and forgiveness; yet, it is only by this means that I will forgive you that you, individually, might be granted my Spirit, such, that you are able to have greater part in my work.

Think not that these words are not meant for you; for I say that all have great need for repentance; and I ask that you do this in your private places, and in your groups, that my Spirit might be shed forth in great power of healing.

I desire greatly that many come together to assist in this work, but only those who obey me in these things will have place. Consider my counsel carefully, my children, that you may not miss this opportunity for greater service; for great will be your remorse, if you are not later allowed the degree of service that you desire, once you see greater witness of these things; for the greater service will be granted unto those who now receive and heed my counsel; that are willing to obey me in the small things, that I might entrust them with the greater things.

So let not this opportunity for service pass from you; and let not your hearts harden to my words; for only as you humble yourself, and truly seek me and a confirmation of these things, will you be given the witness of my Spirit.

I say this in closing because I know how often the things I give are dismissed, because it does not come as you expect; yet, I hear all my children’s prayers, and I am swift to answer the humble and repentant; and it is, for this reason, I give this counsel; for there are many little ones who have been diligently seeking me, as the state of my Church is a great concern unto them.

So know that it is, for this reason, I give this counsel; and I ask that these words be broadly shared; that all might have opportunity to heed these things, and have greater part in my work.

Thus saith your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, even He who bled and died that many might, one day, share in the great glory of the Father; who now reigns in the mansions of heaven, and who will also, one day, similarly reign on the earth.

Even So, Amen.