Inspired Message received by Yvonne Galusha
December 29, 2016

To My Children Who Call Themselves by My Name:

I speak that you might know that I am well pleased in your response to come unto me in greater desire of service; and, I say unto you that I will bless you as you seek to heed my counsel and dedicate yourselves more fully to the work. Know that great is the opportunity for service that is before you, and great is my desire for you to seek more diligently to consecrate yourselves unto the work.

I have prepared great things and soon you will see, better, that which will open unto you. All that you do now to better prepare, by organizing yourselves and establishing your places of worship, will assist as you accomplish the in-gathering to my Church that will soon occur. 

Know that I have given you this time to prepare; and, I ask that you consider carefully all that you can now do to bring in the harvest of many souls; and, consider how you will assist your brothers and sisters, once you are faced with the challenges of so many who desire to join you.

I tell you this now, for I see your increased willingness to engage, and this is most pleasing to me. I ask that you continue to seek ways that you can work together and trust me to bring about the full restoration of my Church, once all things are ready. 

I ask that you seek to work together in love that evil might have no place in my body. Know that the time is very short for you to make final preparation for these things, so let not any day pass that you are not seeking to accomplish something toward this purpose. I will bless those who heed my counsel, in many ways, as they step forth to consecrate themselves, as individuals and flocks, that you might bring in much fruit unto me and my Father.

So lift up your head and rejoice, for great are the opportunities before you, and great will be the joy of those who let not this opportunity pass from them. For I will be in your midst, in ever increasing measure, as you seek to assist in my work of bringing to pass the salvation of many souls, and the re-gathering of my people Israel.

So come unto me, I await your response, as individuals and my precious flocks. Even So, Amen.