Inspired Prayer on Temple Lot by Yvonne Galusha
April 24, 2014

Thus saith the Lord God of all creation, I speak that all creation might hear and know that in this place, on this land, I will build my Temple; and it shall be my dwelling place, a place where my children can come to know me, to learn of me, to better prepare to do the things that I am calling them, individually and collectively, to do for me.

I speak through this handmaiden that my words might go forth through all eternity; that these things might soon be accomplished; that the children of men might better set their hearts to fulfill this great work of building my Temple at this place; that my glory might return in visible measure, and might have a dwelling place among them.

Let the heavens rejoice; for these words come not from the heart of men, but from the mansions of heaven; even from He who has no name, who reigneth forever and ever.