Message by Sidney Has-No-Horses
October 2005


ROBERT WALTERS: Mr. Chairman, thank you and Council, with us is Sidney
Has No Horses. He is a medicine man from Oglala and Mr. Chariman, he has
a message that he's going to all the tribes, all the reservations with
that came out of a ceremony and I feel it's a good message. I visited Mr.
Has No Horses and so at this time, I'd like to get the floor for him.

SIDNEY HAS NO HORSES: Mitakuye Oyasin. All my relatives. I'd like to
get in the middle if I could, I really don't like to use the mic. My name
is Sidney Has No Horses. I'm from the Pine Ridge Reservation. You
probably know my father, his name was Dawson Has No Horses. He was a
yuwipi man, a powerful medicine man. My grandfather's name is Frank Fools
Crow. He was also a powerful medicine man. Six months ago, we had a
ceremony, in this ceremony, two angels came to me and they talked to me
and they told us of the devastation that would happen to the islands and
the Indian Ocean. They told us of the earthquakes that would hit Japan.
They told us of the earthquakes that will hit South American and the they
also told us of the Tsunami that wiped out all the people and they told us
of the hurricanes that came to Florida, the one that came to New Orleans
and the one that went to Texas. There's one more hurricane coming to wipe
out another city. Two weeks ago, we has a cermony, Sitting Bull came in
and he talked to me; Crazy Horse , he talked to me; Chief Big Foot talked
to me and they asked me to go to the Seven Council Fires and to the
Council People and to warn all of these Fires, within six months. There's
going to be a tidal wave that's going to wipe out Los Angeles. Within six
months, there 's going to be an eruption in the northwest with the
volcanoes. Two eruptions within six months. They say from the eruptions
of theses volcanoes, the ash is coming, the Missouri River will be
destroyed. They say the water that we drink from the ground is going to
be no longer drinkable. These hardships are coming because Gold is
bringing this. Whether you believe in Christianity, Native American
Church or the traditional way, if you read the Bible, we are going into
the fourth seal. There's diseases coming that are going to wipe out our
children and like this man said here, meth -methaphetamine on our rez is
very bad too. If we don't stop that, it's going to destroy the next
generation. Many vegetables are going to be born into our tribes. When
I'm done here, I am going to Standing Rock and I am going to stand in
front of them, their council and tell them the same thing I am telling
you now. This winter is going to be very cold for a long time. Ranchers
are going to lose their horses and cows because it is not going to warm
up. The price of propane is going to skyrocket and sometimes they are not
going to be able to deliver the propane to our families. This food issue
in the Bible, it says one day there will be no food in the store's
shelves. If you look at the hurricane, a lot of the stores, there's no
food on the shelves. These people lost their homes. They can't drink the
water and so I come because of the mighty chiefs that talked to me and
because of who I am. They tell me, I need to warn the tribes. Today, I
came here without announcement, but to see you all gathered like this, I
know God is on my side to see you gathered. The Sisseton-Wahpeton
tomorrow will be gathered at 10o'clock and they will hear what I have to
hear. The Flandreau people are gling to be waiting for me tomorrow
evening. I 'm going up to Fort Yates here, I'm going to talk to them even
if it's after hours and so I thank you very much for letting me come in
and I'm thankful that I got all of you together at the same time. I offer
you all a handshake. My name is Sidney Has No Horses. I'm from Batesland,
South Dakota. You might want to write this down. My phone number is
605-288-0097. We incorporated ourselves through the State of South Dakota
to let you know that we are serious. Within six months, we are going to
be living in hell of a world and these chiefs have talked to me, and my
cousins. If you ever want a ceremony, you get ahold of us and we will
bring you a ceremony t let you believe. But the chiefs tell me, some of
you have good hearts. Some of you have good mind. Some of you have
spirituality. You are the people that will take heed on the words I bring
and there's a lot of people that didn't believe us when everything we told
them has happened and my President, Cecilia Fire Thunder, I talked to her
yesterday and she supports because everything I told her would happen to
our tribe has happened. The power of God, he knows what he's bringing to
us and in three years, as the keepers of Mother Earth, if the Seven Fires
do not come together, there's going to be a meteorite that will be coming
and it's going to hit off of San Francisco and they told us that the Seven
Council Fires,, theses Seven Fires never has hate and jealousy toward each
other. I've been trying to get the medicine men of Oglala to be in unity,
but they can't and now Gold asked me to come and get all the Tribal
Councils together and all the tribes together. That's a very hard job
that he's giving me. I'm very nervous as I stand here in front of you,
but I tried to look you all in the eye to let you know thatI'm for real
and so at this time, there are food for thought, things you can think
about in the next six month and this little time you have given me. I
thank you. Now I'm going to Standing Rock. I will be going to every
reservation.. Maybe the tribal members will et together and at least the
tribal presidents will have a ceremony for all you to hear and believe in
God. All my relatives. Mitakuye Oyasin. You have my phone number and so
if any questions, please contact me.