Counsel & Admonition through Seventy Royl Roden
June 19, 2005 -- Seventy Reunion -- Lamoni, Iowa

I want to talk to the body in a very strong way today. That you might understand what it means to be the body of Christ. That the heart might do what it is meant to be. Because if I said that only the pure in heart will see Him, there are some standing here and setting here that their hearts aren’t right with God.

But you come unto me and you see if the promises and the blessings I have for you are not a reality in your life. You see today if I won’t fulfill those promises that I have given. You see today if I am not powerful enough to bring any people into this land and this place.

If you will just stand and be of one heart and one mind and forget about your own feelings and your own concerns. Some of your agendas are not mine. And some of you are trying to force me to be what I am not to be. But you purify your hearts this week. You stand higher than you have ever stood and you will see blessings unfold to you. You think I can’t heal my people, that I don’t love my people. You think you are here by accident. I have created all and without me you won’t make it. But if you would come unto me I have told you and told you in times past that if you will come unto me you will come into a blessing you have never known.

But where are your brothers and your sisters? Where are your neighbors? Where are my people? Can you hear what I am saying today? It is time for all of us to stand. The time has come to change our lives. I have told my servants in the past that you get your houses in order first and the blessings will be unfolded to you.

But my children suffer not because they need anything physical but many suffer because they don’t know of my love. How can you call me Lord and not do the things that I have said. Who will stand for me? Who will be my people? As I have said to my servants past, time is running out for those who take lightly my work.

But for those who remain faithful that come unto me we are ushering in a new time and even the physical things that you have can be taken in a moment. I have given you great blessings in this land.

And now I speak to the land. You help my land to come serve me. This land is on the brink of disaster if someone doesn’t stand and guide my people and tell my people to come. Quit worrying about the minor things, the things that have no value. But learn of the good and the beautiful.

This gospel has been preached for years for you. You are not here because of your greatness. You are here because of me. I am the God of this land. I know what is going on in this world. But only you can respond, will be given light, assurance, and faith. What a blessing it is for you to be called. What an honor for you to serve the God that has created all.

And to my young people, I know that some of you have suffered because of the environment that you have found yourself in. But if you will come unto me and let me walk with you wherever your walk is, I will give you guidance and protection and you will know that I am. You need to listen tonight because time is still running out for you and respond and love my people.

My son He knows about hurt. He knows about pain. I know the feelings in some of you that are suffering, but I call you to come, to repent, to come unto me and see if my arm won’t be extended to you.

And just as Peter walked upon the water, before he looked and became afraid, did he not walk upon the water? Didn’t my prophets of old, didn’t they do miracles and blessings way beyond their capabilities? Today there are many of you that are called to do my miracles wherever you are. You are called to be my people. You are not called to be the world’s people; you are called to be my people because I love you.

Open your ears. Will you open your eyes and see? And every morning will you realize what a blessing it is to be a part of His creation.