Inspired Message received by Neil Simmons
April 6, 2014

O My People, saith your God,

I have permitted the evil designs of the enemy (as revealed to you in your recent history),which were in the world’s society, in its culture and in its economy, to be for you a type and shadow of things to come, in order to instruct and to enlighten my people, May you all have eyes to see, and hearing that hearkens unto the Spirit that I send upon you.

O my Saints, ye have not understood the meaning of the sacrifice, the suffering, the tribulations, and the desolations of my covenant people, known to you in this latter day as the Jews. A mere generation ago the evil masters of their society and culture and economy agreed to an evil thought among themselves, that my ancient covenant people were their enemies. Thus, they made war against my people and took captive my people. They separated husband and wife, they destroyed their families. They took away children in prison cars and carried my people away into camps, forcing them to labor for their oppressors.

In this generation you have not understood the type and shadow of Dachau, Buchewald, Bergen-Belsen and others where my people were enslaved to suffer starvation and illness until they sought death as a release. They watched helplessly as their children were carried away to destruction as the number of my people fell almost to extinction.

Remember, In April, the month of deliverance, I heard their cries for for the deliverance of Israel, and I responded to their pleas, for they had ceased crying for vengeance against their persecutors, and they had ceased reviling Me because of the calamity of suffering which had befallen them.

Then sent I, my armies to deliver the remaining fragments of my people. In just three years from the time of their deliverance, the nations of the earth recognized the legitimate restoration of my House of Israel to their ancient land of promise. Thus did I fulfill the words of the prophets by mine own Hand. Therefore, the few of a generation ago, have become a mighty people today.
O my covenant children, have you not seen, do you not hear? For those who rule in your own lands have conspired against all of you who have taken my name, to declare you their enemy. Though their weapons and methods are different, they tear your families apart. Husband and wife are separated, while your sons and daughters are being carried away into destruction. You live like them in similar prison camps. You continue to live in Babylon, in the same garb of the slaves of Babylon, while you labor for your oppressors and starve in your souls, crying unto to Me only about your personal griefs.

Turn away from your present condition, for this is the meaning of repentance as a body. Call upon Me as a people for deliverance, and ask not for a better positions in Babylon. Know that I yet have armies that are potent to deliver the fragment of my people from tribulation, for Zion shall be.

Consider that the holocaust of this recent past is for you a true type and shadow of your present condition before Me. For many many of my Saints have been destroyed by the enemy. Yet you continue to serve him and not Me.

Ye have not yet sought for deliverance, but merely a better place in Babylon for your comforts, and worse, for a greater opportunity to serve your evil masters for your own personal gain.

Awake and Arise my People, Cry for deliverance, for you die in the death camps of the Enemy. Turn away from the abominations that desolate you and your families; and thus, free my Hand to deliver you from your terrible fate. Let me feed your starving souls, living bread and living water. Let Me tear away the prisoner’s garb with which you clothe yourselves, and be clothed in the robe of my righteousness rather than in the stained robes of your sin.

In you convocations think not how to function and survive in Babylon, and under the evil abominations of your masters; but rather know that ye cannot survive, for your overlords have determined to take your lives. Thus, the money and power and position offered by the lords of Babylon shall become as meaningless to you as the ashes of the death camps.

Cry mightily and ceaselessly therefore, for deliverance, that I shall deliver you from much suffering as did I release my children from their camps of death, to enter into their land of promise, even Israel. Even so, this is for you a type and shadow. I give this as a pattern for you to ponder, for my prophets have declared Zion must be; and this promise of Zion is yet to be fulfilled according to the pattern decreed.