Admonition to the Seventy via Seventy Neil Simmons
June 23, 2007 -- Seventy Reunion -- Lamoni, Iowa

This was given at the end of the last service of the Seventy Reunion. Before this was shared a general commendation was given to the membership.

To my Seventy,

I speak to remind you that I have been with you in your labors in my Vineyard and blessed you that you have brought forth much fruit.  I have been with you in hard circumstances, to ease your burdens, and to lighten your pathways, and to strengthen  you to endure hardships. But for these my children you have not made adequate preparations, neither in prayer nor fasting to be able to hear and respond to my voice. Thus, my people are denied a merited blessing, and my work is further vitiated by the Adversary. Be not overly concerned with incurring the displeasure of man, but rather be concerned with my displeasure.

The message was not confirmed, but Brother Ron Smith who was presiding said, "We also receive and accept admonition from the Lord."