Prophetic Counsel through Seventy Neil Simmons
June 24, 2006 -- Seventy Reunion -- Lamoni, IA
(Confirmed by Patriarch Verle Cornish.)

Brothers and Sisters, it is difficult for me to rise to try to express my belief what the mind and will of the Lord is, but I do desire to share what I believe He has put in my heart to say. Know that the councils of our God change not, neither does he ever vary from that which He has said; that this people who have gathered to celebrate the coming of the Kingdom of God upon the earth must remember that in the Last Days He still has covenants with His ancient covenant peoples. We are to remember the Book of Mormon, and the promises that are therein. That they should be gathered back to these same covenants, and into one with the Lord’s people. The Lord’s people are one. If you let fear and you let distrust separate you, you are not mine, saith the Lord, for these concerns do not come of Me but of the Enemy.

My children in other lands are needing the blessings of my church. Tarry not nor withhold but be quick in your service and devotions to me, lest their sufferings be required at your hands.

And to My Patriarchs. You are commended for having discerned My will and assembled the Saints, my children, and your children. Blessings have come to the Saints in proportion to their faith—let faith increase.

My families must decide who is the God of their home—if the gods of the land—then they shall become the children of the world. But if they serve Me as their living God, then shall the heavenly blessings make them truly the children of the Kingdom of Heaven. Be willing to obey My laws. Keep holy your stewardships. Learn to confess your Lord and God before all mankind.

I have professed my love for you. I have demonstrated my love for you in the wounds of my Body. I have proclaimed my love for you in my scriptures. I have sent My Spirit to help you feel my love for you. Do you love Me? I ask as I did of Peter of old, Do you love me? What is the evidence of your love for Me?

(Directed to an individual) The Spirit of the Lord rested upon my heart to share these few words of counsel:
Have I not given you many gifts—the talents of of the Spirit? Hide not your gift from me and my children. Resist not the opportunity to meet with my saints in the gatherings and conferences of my church, but share your gifts to the intent that My work shall increase. For My gifts shall not return to me empty, but with increase. What is given in counsel to one, is to all. You must share your gifts.

(Directed to an individual) Remember the small things of self-discipline, that the greater things may be expressed through you.

I pray the Lord will add His blessing to words I have shared, and I believe that He has challenged us this day and this week to make our lives different from this day forward.