Inspired Message through Elder Nathan Sherer
April 8, 2008 -- JCRB Conference -- Independence, Missouri

I have had several people ask me to write down my testimonies that lead l experience regarding the message given to the Elders on Tuesday April 8th, that the Seventy should form a quorum.

After the 2007 April Conference, Michelle and I knew that the question of whether the Seventy should organize would be coming to future conferences and we made this subject a matter of prayer. The week before the April 2008 Conference we decided to fast and pray about this subject. On Monday the 31st of March I really felt that I needed to humble myself and repent of my sins so I would be where I needed to be to receive an  answer. I spent time that day doing that very thing. That night I had a dream. I was in my room and in bed and Delbert Smith came in. It was almost as if it was really happening. He pointed at me and said, "Now is the time for the Seventy to organize." I thought it was strange that he was there because I knew he was still alive. I asked him, "Why are You here?"

I had talked to his family the week before and knew he hadn't passed away yet. He said "My body is still here, but my spirit has already begun its work." I did not know Delbert very well, but I knew he had been a Seventy in the Restoration for many years and used to be an appointee. I had met him several times. I go to church with his daughter and she had told me that he had not been responsive to anyone for quite a while. I talked to their family the Thursday after the experience and they told me that he had just passed away that day.

The morning of Tuesday April 8th I was awakened and given the words, "You have rightfully discerned My will in having my priesthood meet together to seek what I would have you do." I said. "OK, I have it. It is one sentence long and I can remember that.”

The same line came again and I said the same thing. When the words came the third time it was also stated there was more to come and I would have to write it down. I got up and these were the words that were given:

"You have rightfully discerned My will in having My priesthood meet together to seek what I would have You do. I have been going to and fro in my vineyard looking for the branches that would bring forth good fruit and casting the barren branches into the fire. This fire must first begin in My church and will soon spread to all the world.

Humble yourselves and gather yourselves together that I might commence a great work amongst you. It is My will that the Seventy organize themselves and set apart Neil, Frank, Ron and Steve to lead them that My work might go forward with greater power and authority.

Continue to seek Me and I will guide you in regards to My finer points of the doctrine. So as to further organization than this, it is in My hands and time. Very soon My priesthood will go forward to all the world being endowed with the power of the Holy Ghost that all men will know that I am their God, and am gathering them as a hen gathers her chicks for the last time.”

PS: “Branches” refers to individuals, not congregations, per Nathan Sherer at the Seventies Missionary Reunion - 2008