Prophetic Guidance through High Priest Marlin Guin
Joint Conference Restoration Branches -- Independence, MO
(Confirmed by High Priest Glenn Friend.)

In the early morning hours of this day, April 9, 2006, I was awakened by the promptings of the Spirit of God to speak to the whole church and give the following through inspiration.

To the Elders: I am pleased with your desire, over these many years of spiritual darkness, to bring ministry to the scattered flock. You have rightfully taken the gifts of your calling to My people until I move in mighty power before the eyes of the world. I will fulfill My promise to reveal My arm in the eyes of the nations in the last days. It has already begun. Do not let your pride be an obstacle to the moving forth of My work. You have not been sufficiently humble before Me. You often speak and treat each other in ways that are not in accordance with My will. This is a hindrance to many of My precious sheep as they see your example before them. Humble yourselves, that you may be more fully empowered by My Spirit and seek greater ways to prepare for your sending forth into the vineyard for the last time. If you are diligent and faithful before Me, spiritual power not yet seen among the children of men will be poured out upon you. Prepare ye for that which is to come for My word shall all be fulfilled.

To the Seventy: I am pleased that you have continued your calling to the world. Be not discouraged. I know the desires of your heart. I am pleased that you have rightfully discerned your place in the present condition of the church until I can more fully move among the people. Your willingness to wait on the greater voice of the whole church is rightfully discerned and in harmony with My will. It has brought healing to the body of saints. This has caused them to begin the process of trust that has been absent for so many years. My people cannot proceed to become one body without this trust in one another. There are many more that desire to come and must not be kept from the fellowship of the saints. Be patient. Do not use your standing to move more quickly than I will allow. Set aside any temptation that would cause you to use the influence of your office for your own desires. You are to be servants. This is My work and I will give further direction as necessary to recover My people. Unify yourselves, and place all your diligent efforts on bringing to Me the many souls that now wait to hear the fullness of the gospel. All things are in My hands.

To My people: Some of you, even from other lands, have gathered together to reason upon My word and discern My will for the church. I am pleased with your willingness to do so and have blessed you in many and mighty ways beyond your understanding. It is seen in the love you share with one another, your desire to forgive and the manifesting of joy among you. These are the fruits of My Spirit. Have I not told you to be one? Work diligently to discern My will and seek not to move so quickly as to hinder My divine plan to restore My children. There are many more you know not of that will come to the body as it is healed. Support the missionary work that is moving forward quickly. My work is hastening and you must be prepared to support it in every aspect of your life. I am not pleased with the spiritual and temporal stewardship of the saints. You have withheld yourselves in many ways causing the missionary work to suffer. Some of you are waiting and watching because of disappointments from the past. Some have seen and felt the effects of false teachers and false prophets that have been among the people, which continue even now to fragment the body. Did I not say this would be so in the latter days? Have faith in those things of Me that are easily discerned. Come together and be one without fear. Much can be done while the fuller organization of My church is left to Me. Give those things that can be done your whole and unified response. Come unto Me by also coming unto each other. I am waiting for you to decide. I love you and beckon you to become My people for the sake of My Son and the world. Even so. Amen