Inspired Message received by Lori Smith
June 1, 2017

Awake, awake, my Saints in these latter days.  Awake from your slumbering sleep you have been seduced to for far too long.  Put on my garments of righteousness that I will place upon you to the confounding of all evil devices that you have been attacked with by your adversary.

Put away all unrighteous thoughts and motivations.  I call my army of Saints to arise this day and move according to my will in each of your lives.  I call you to unite your hearts in one accord with my love – even the love of Jesus Christ.  This sacrificial love which causes you to move beyond the barriers of your weak world.  You must lay aside the worldly love you have embraced and fully embrace my love which is not natural for you. 

My perfect love casts out all fear.  I cannot work in your lives when you live in fear.  Let go of your expectations of others and walk in my perfect peace which is given freely to you.  I bring freedom from fear and anxiety if you will let me. 

Rise up, my Saints, to higher ground I am calling you to this day.  It is time to remove yourselves from the miry clay you have wallowed in for so long!  I will pull your lives out of the pit and place your feet firmly upon my higher ground.  You will see things with your spiritual eyes that are beyond your imagination if you will let go of yourselves and seek me with all your hearts.  Seek, knock and I will answer mightily on your behalf.

Lay hold on the promises of my Word moment by moment.  Rise up and wield the sword of my spirit against your enemy whom you have given ground to for far too long!  I desire to bless you abundantly if you will only allow me to. 

Babylon the Great is soon to fall.  Embrace my kingdom now which will never fall and you will be well equipped to handle the day of judgment.  Humble yourselves under my mighty hand now.  Let charity rule in your hearts and it shall be well with you during the days of the abomination of desolation.  Love as I have called you to love without boundaries.  Love me and love your neighbors.  Do not hold onto judgment – for this is my work and not yours.  I am the God of justice and my justice will always prevail. 

Seek me in your darkest hour and you shall surely find me.  Lay aside your will to control others and events.  Embrace my perfect peace which comes when you completely surrender your hearts to me.  Your salvation is just around the corner if you will accept it. 

Prepare, prepare, my people whom I have called in these latter days!  Time is short before I come.  My love for you is without end and without boundaries.  I hold you and all things in the palm of my hand.  Reach out in faith and know your God.  Seek and you shall find.  Knock and the door will be opened wide to you.  Call and I will come in mighty power.  Even so.  Amen.