Inspired Message through Elder Jim McKay
(Given to Elder Jim McKay January 17, 2007 for the Winter Gathering at Colbern Road Restoration Branch February 24, 2007. It was confirmed by Elders Patrick McKay and Rudy Leutzinger)

To the youth of my church (I understood youth to mean those primarily in high school and college), I am seeking your first fruits. (Although the Lord requires our tithes and offerings, I understood the first fruits to be a sacrifice of time that would lead to a new way of thinking and living). My ministry is built upon the principal of sacrificial love. My sons and daughters have found time for me in times past, but usually not until their plans have been made and their career choices put in place. Only then have they realized and found place for my will in their lives. I am calling to this generation to respond to my leadings and offer your first fruits before you follow in the ways of this world’s kingdoms. You might ask, what is the reward for such an offering? Hear with all and I will tell you. It is written that he that would be greatest in the kingdom must be the servant of all. I am seeking after those who desire to make the Kingdom of God their first choice. The world, offers certificates, trophies, acclaims and contracts of great wealth, yet these are as the grass of the field, they shall fade away. When you serve me with a selfless love, the reward is the ability to serve and touch another life for the sake of my kingdom. My word endureth forever, therefore, those righteous acts that are founded upon my word also endure forever. Some have responded and offered such fruits in foreign lands. The effects of their ministry have touched the lives of many, yet the greatest blessing is the blessing they have received. They have captured a vision that is uncommon and placed them in a position to truly be transformed by looking at future choices from the perspective of seeking the kingdom way first. Some have wondered at the wisdom of spending offerings to send non-priesthood. The fruit that will be borne in these lives will demonstrate the wisdom of those offerings and my saints should not trouble themselves as to the resources that are available. Put your trust in me, and seek to bear witness of the truth, for I will provide every needful thing. The day will come when these will be in positions of responsibility in my church. Yet not all are called to travel to distant places, but those opportunities to offer your first fruits are present here upon the land of Joseph. Within your own branches are the elderly, the widow, and the fatherless. If you will call upon my name, I will reveal those places where your talents and offerings will be a blessing to others as well as to yourselves. I am seeking your best; I am seeking the strength of your youth. Seek to please me, and your joy shall be full. Give me your first fruits. Even so, Amen.

To mine Elders, do you remember the day when you entered into covenant with me as the hands of those in authority were placed upon your heads? Has the zeal of those former days lost its place? Has your first love to wait upon my people lost its passion? Many have chosen not to equip themselves through prayer, study, and fasting. Nevertheless, you are my servants and I love you and desire to magnify my glory through you. Some have offered excuse, some have rightfully stated that they are unprepared, yet if you will trust me, and call upon my name, I will show you that my wisdom is greater than your own. I will show you that no weapon formed against you will prosper. If you trust me not, you have sinned, for whatsoever is not of faith is sin. When you trust me not, I become the focus of your unbelief. You are saying, I do not have the power to work in your life. Have ye not read the counsel from my latter-day prophet, even now I am not well pleased with some, but space is granted for repentance and a renewal of diligence. Let no one deceive himself that he shall not account for his stewardship unto me. My servant rightfully discerned the intent of those words:

The revelation also contained quite a remarkable statement emphasizing the fact that when the priesthood is conferred upon anyone who is called, the ordination places a responsibility upon him for which he must answer directly to God. No matter what the individual might do or however much he might offer excuse in extenuation for his lack of diligence in labor or for his light treatment of that ordination, he must under all circumstances make final report and accountability before God. In this respect the gift of God is indeed without repentance and no one accepting this responsibility is exempt from the accounting.

I have granted unto the elders of my church the keys of all the spiritual blessings. I have also promised you in my word the privilege to commune with my Father and I, the mediator of the new covenant. What more can I offer you in response to the call to go forth and spread my gospel among the inhabitants of the earth?

Not all have the same gifts, yet according to the gifts and callings unto you, I have asked you to go forth according to your circumstances. Not all can travel to far off lands, or spend long periods away from other responsibilities. Many of my children are isolated, and discouraged. They seek the ministry of your callings for a day or a weekend. Many are within the reach of reasonable travel. What of those that have not heard the fullness of my gospel, those in your communities? Who will go? It is yet day when all can work. But the night will come when for many the opportunity to assist will have passed. There are many unsaved souls that need to hear your voices, go forth my servants and I will bless your efforts. Even so, Amen.

To my saints, many have carried with them these many years the spirit of judgment, criticism, and malice towards those leaders that have taken my work into forbidden paths. You have found abuse and heartache at their hands, yet you have not seen fit to be reconciled. I will forgive whom I will forgive, but of you it is required to forgive all men. Let me judge and I will reward every man according to his deeds. You have carried this spirit now among yourselves, spending your time and energies, and even your monies to abuse each other. I counsel you to lay down your weapons of warfare if you desire to receive of the greater blessings that await a people prepared to love one another. In just a few weeks you will gather in conference that you might do the work of the church, but if you desire to find the richer blessings, the greater manifestations of my spirit, then you must be willing to love one another even as you love yourself. It is my will that my people prepare for that gathering by entering into days of fasting, prayer and an honest examination of your own life through repentance. If you desire to choose the path that leads to my rest, which rest is the fullness of my glory, then hearken unto my voice and seek not to counsel your Lord. Even so, Amen.