Inspired Message received by Jim Hobbs
October 5, 2014 ~ Shared at Waldo Restoration Branch

My erring children, how oft I would have gathered you together as a hen gathers her chicks, but ye would not and will not. Because of that, my protective covering has been taken off this nation and this church.

This nation and this church will suffer, because they have chosen the way of sin over my covenant; yet will I protect my children.

My son Earl Curry warned of the great calamity that is to come upon this land, and he shared that all must go through it; but it will not affect my children, as it does those of the world.

Will ye fold under the pressure or will you boldly stand against whatever is placed before you? That is why you must be under my wing, so my Spirit can protect you to give you the courage to walk in faith through those events that lie ahead.

My brother has warned you in your newsletter what lay before you. Do Not fear! But believe that I will be with you.

The enemy will come, but they will not see you. The plagues will come, but they will not come upon you, or, if they come upon you, through repentance, they can be removed from you.

Many are under the curse of your world now, but will not repent and be freed from their effects. I am reaching out to you; you must reach out to me. I love you my children, love ye one another.