Word of Consolation via Elder Jerry Vickery
July 14, 2007 -- Geneseo Reunion
(Confirmed by Seventy Richard Neill.)

Listen, Listen all you who have gathered together here on these grounds at Geneseo and I will speak a word of consolation to you. These grounds have been made sacred by those who have come before you. And because of their consecration I have called you to this place that I might bless you. Because you have given heed to my call, I have walked among you seeking to strengthen you for the task that lies ahead of you. I have sought to confirm you in many ways, for I am able to speak to my people in many avenues. Some of you have heard my voice in the classes that you have attended. Some have heard me speak through many types of music. Some have heard my word through the preaching of those servants whom I have ordained to do so. Yet there are those who feel the need to hear my voice in this manner and I, the Lord, am willing to manifest myself in this manner. Nevertheless it must be according to my will at times of my own choosing.

It has been made known through my written word by the diligence of my servants of the past that I the Lord, cannot look upon sin with the least degree of allowance. This is my law. You cannot yet comprehend the sorrow that is mine when men sin. Neither can you comprehend the desire and purpose I have for man in delivering to him an inheritance in my eternal kingdom. Therefore, by the covenant which I have made with my Father, I have redeemed all mankind from the fall of Adam and Eve and I have set my heart and my hand to conquer sin in all its forms. Even as I set my face toward Jerusalem to be crucified on the cross to fulfill the terms of my covenant with my Father, so I have set my face like stone to recover all who will from the self-centeredness of the sinful heart. And therefore has the Father given me a name which is above every other name. And therefore has the Father called upon all men in my name to repent and come unto me that they might have mercy and be granted an eternal inheritance.

There are other terms of my covenant with the Father which I must yet fulfill. I must come in the glory of my Father's kingdom with all the hosts of heaven, For I am the Lord of hosts. And you must be prepared for my coming in that manner. Therefore, I am coming to my church to prepare the body of my church that they may abide the day of my coming in glory. The day of my coming to my church is upon you. Have I not said that by the weak things of the earth I will thresh the nations? And surely you are yet weak. But I am able to make you strong. So take comfort by my word to you today and diligently apply yourselves to the task of preparation to the degree that you understand. Be steadfast in fasting and study and prayer that my spirit may more fully attend you and I will give you assurances that I have cast my lot with you. I am Jesus Christ. I am the one who redeems you. I am the one who loves you with an eternal love sent forth by the Eternal Father and manifested in me. I am He who makes you free if you will heed my voice.