Interpretation of Tongues Admonition by J. W. Wight
August 18 & 23, 1908 -- Madison, Wisconsin

Thus saith the Spirit unto my people: The spirit of peace manifested in your midst and your humility before me is pleasing in my sight. The spirit of peace that you feel in your midst is because of your humility. I am well pleased when my people are humble before me. It is needful that my people become more and more humble before me and more faithful before me, and more and more careful concerning their acts and themselves as well. My people should be careful not to think or speak evil of another, and be less concerned with relation to the work of others. Be not over zealous concerning those who are investigating and in the spirit of an unwise zeal cause them to lose faith in the work. My people should seek wisdom in matters of this kind and be not over anxious as to such. As to those who are investigating; I have heard your prayers and by the presence of my Spirit now testify unto you that your prayers have been recorded before me. Continue to seek me and I will lead you by my Spirit. But do not think that you shall be born again until you have yielded obedience to my law and then shall you be able to see and comprehend my truth as you can not otherwise do.

Verily many of my people have been tried with the cares of life and the afflictions thereof but I have heard your prayers and by my Spirit have so testified unto you. I will continue to hear and answer as you continue your prayers in faith. Be admonished not to turn from me to the world and its pleasures. Be not overcharged with the burdens of life but put your trust in me and I will not forsake you nor leave you alone. "To one and to all the command is to come up higher and still higher that you may thereby be prepared to receive of my help and finally attain unto the glory necessary for all. Thus saith the Spirit. Amen."

Unto my people, now assembled: What more can I say than to you I have said? Time and time again have I warned my people. I have told you of storms and pestilence, of famines and trials that are to come upon the earth and have warned my people that they should come out of the world that they be not partakers of her plagues. Many of you now present will remember that I said unto you in times past that my people came together from time to time and told of their love for me and separating forgot the statements thus made. Having thus turned aside from the warnings thus given and not having done as commanded many of you have not been protected from the storms and dangers that have come upon the earth. Let my people now be warned and take heed thereto if they would be protected by me. Come unto me in humility of heart and be faithful unto the commands that I have given unto you and I will both bless and protect you.