Testimony of Elder Robert Smith -- April 1997

Elder Robert G. Smith from Council Bluffs, Iowa, had an interesting experience during April of 1997.

In the week of April 7th through the 11th of 1977, I was awakened every morning between 3:30 and 4:00 by strange words that seemed to just appear to me, and I felt directed to get up and write them down, which I did. I was awakened the 5th morning agonizing about the words and to whom it was to be directed. Then with a certainty it came over me -- it was to be given by me, a lone messenger, to W. Grant McMurray president of the RLDS church, and in person.

I had agonized over the entire message, and it was revealed to me about the Women and Eunuch's not having a calling in the holy priesthood. The message came to me that men carry the seed of life which Women and Eunuch's do not have, and that the seed is given to women to nourish and help direct the lives given into their care.

I also agonized over the calamities to befall Zion. It was made known to me that the Auditorium would withstand this terrible destruction, and all who would seek its protection inside would be saved....

Elder Smith tried to get an appointment with President Grant McMurray, and was eventually able to get one. Next his wife tried to make hotel reservations in Independence for the day of his visit. All the hotels he called were booked up, so he finally told his wife that they would have to go anyway, even if they must sleep in the car. So they came to Independence, and decided to try again at the Howard Johnson once they arrived. When he got to the reservation desk, the attendant said, "Oh, yes, Mr. Smith. We have your reservation ready for you."

The time for his appointment with Mr. McMurray arrived. After delivering the message (text follows, below) Grant McMurray shook his hand several times and said, "We have had many letters of approval and many letters of disapproval such as this message, but yours was the first to be brought to us in person. I feel you have come in good faith and in a good spirit, and I accept this burden from you, and I will take it to my counselors, and we will discuss it." Then McMurray said, "I know you have come here at great risk to yourself to see me, and I accept your burden and relieve you of it."

A few days after Brother Robert Smith's arrival home, he was greeted by the RLDS pastor and Stake President. They had a letter from Grant McMurray, silencing him from the priesthood. Brother Smith greeted them warmly, took them out to dinner, and after explaining some things to these two gentlemen about the recent apostasy in the church, they were in tears. However, they still left the letter of silence with him.

The text of the message follows:

A Directive to President W. Grant McMurray and His counselors,
as a Chastening and Rebuke and a forewarning to all in Zion

To you who have come to my table, and have partaken unworthily, claiming leadership of my flock, with your counselors of this great deception.

To all who have been called unworthily, and have defiled my holy priesthood, proclaiming my voice to this great deception, Woe be to them.

There are no women or eunuchs in my holy priesthood. The defiling of my priesthood is a stench to my nostrils. This is a great sin and an Abomination before me, for I will cleanse my priesthood of all pollution and purge them.

My light shall seek out your hidden parts, and naught shall stay my hand. I will reveal your secret desires of self-aggrandizement, and you shall be naked before my flock. The shackles of deception shall be removed from their eyes--and my Glory shall come upon my faithful servants, that have been tormented with this great sin. The evil spirit has caused you to cloud your eyes with darkness, and you have profaned odorous lies to the ears of my flock, in this deception. This is an abomination unto me.

My light shall come forth without warning, and it shall torment all of my flock's oppressors, and it shall drive them out of my flock with a scourge to their flesh.

This will I do--that all mankind shall know that I AM.

To you who have come deceitfully, and have turned aside from the counsel of my church leaders and prophets of old, that I set in place, and have unrightfully come unto my flock, as wolves in sheep's clothing, and have brought counsel of betrayal, disguised as peace, and counsels of peace.

You, who have deceitfully led my learned servants to be blinded to the holy scriptures containing my law and covenants given to Moses, and finding fault with my servant Joseph Smith--whom I have raised up unto my Glory.

You, who have confessed of your embarrassments of the books that I have caused to come forth from the dust for the enlightenment of the world.

You have been led by the spirit of the one of darkness, whom has always been the tempter of man and his fall.

You are now in darkness, and are being led away from my holy and sacred covenants, and you have caused many of my servants in my church to be driven away, and have caused great confusion and unrest among the faithful of my flock.

Woe be unto you--for I am wearied of your continual rounds of deceit and oppression of my people. Your continued disguise of peace, to bring you great favor among the churches of the world, that I have caused to be left in darkness, because of their iniquity and sins, is an abomination before me, and my wrath is kindled against you. My Spirit shall be withdrawn from you, and I will cause the Elders to come forth, and call my church to order, and they shall be empowered by my Spirit to go forth among my confused, and scattered faithful, and bring them to my counsel.

My light shall cause all of my flock to see and know my grace and truth, and my Glory shall prevail over the Gates of Hell.

Great calamities shall come forth on the earth, and Zion shall be cleansed of all pollution and filth, and the souls of men will be humbled before me, and all shall bow before my great wrath. The earth shall roll and shake from under the oppressors of my Kingdom, and the buildings of man in Zion shall become rubble and dust, and great rivers shall come forth out of the ground and wash away the sins and pollutions of my people, and Zion shall be as a plowed field, as foretold by my prophets.

Graves of the dead shall be opened, and many of my faithful servants shall arise from the dust, and shall come forth to proclaim my Kingdom and Glory on my sacred footstool of Zion.

All this I will do, that all eyes shall see and all ears shall hear, and know------I AM.