Inspired Messages, Received during JCRB National Conference by George Baldwin & Yvonne Galusha
October 6th and 8th, 2011

Lord blessed the recent October 2011 JCRB National Conference with messages on Thursday, October 6th, from two people, Elder George Baldwin and Member Yvonne Galusha, and again with messages from the same two people on Saturday, October 8th.  All four messages were received during conference services, and only one of these was publicly shared.  As stewards, we believe it is important to share all of them so that the body can try the word as directed in the scriptures; and we ask that all carefully consider what the Lord said and how He said it, considering the timing and distinctness, yet, relatedness of the four messages.

George Baldwin received the first one during the opening Thursday morning Prayer Service, and it is as follows:

I have heard thy cries.  Be still and hear My voice.  I speak softly that those who will hear will hear.  I am with you this day.  My sheep know my voice and will follow.  Those that are prepared will hear and follow being blessed with the spirit.  Always remember I am the ruler of Heaven and earth but I also know your name.

Then during the Thursday evening service, which was a mixture of short sermons with prayers and testimonies in between, Yvonne Galusha shared a message that she received.  After the reading of this message, the service presider, High Priest Rudy Leutzinger, confirmed that this was the word of the Lord to us at this time.  It is as follows:

To my people who have heard my request to fast and commune with me for forty days:

I would have you know that in your response I am well pleased; for there have been many who shared with you in this thing, many you know not of, but are known to me.  Great is my joy in this thing; and very soon you will see my blessings poured out upon you in the building up of my Church.

I ask that you continue to seek a close walk with me that I might use you, each one, to reach out to many others.  I would have you know that great are the things that you will soon see coming upon this land, and great is my desire to strengthen my people that they might be able to endure these things.

I ask that you go forth and build on these things, and set your face to grow in your service unto me and each other.  If you will heed this counsel, I will use you to do much to build up my Church, and save many unto me.

Know that I am with you; and soon you will see evidence of these things in the building up of the numbers that worship with you.

I give you these words that you might have my assurance that in you I am well pleased; and I ask that you receive my Spirit as confirmation of these things.

Thus saith your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Even So, Amen.

During the Saturday morning Prayer Service the next two messages were received basically at the same time.  The message below was received by Brother George Baldwin.

You ask what you should be called.  Is it not enough to be called the children of God?  Hear ye my voice.  I come quickly.  Do you know My voice?  The time to set your house in order is here.  I will place My house in order soon.  Only those who have prepared will be allowed to enter.  Are you willing to enter?  Will you reach forth and accept My direction?  All are in error; draw near unto me.

And this final message was received by Sister Yvonne Galusha.

To My People Who Call Themselves By My Name:

I would have you know that I am with you, and in you I am well pleased; for I alone know the things you have overcome and the things you desire that I accomplish through you.  In these things I am well pleased; and I especially am pleased that you have planned a special gathering to conclude your fasting on my special day of gathering on the Day of Atonement.
Know that many are seeking me on this day; and it pleases me that my children have achieved this unity on this, my special day of feast, that I designated many years ago. 

I would have you know that very soon the world will see the gathering of my people, and the raising up, again, of a portion of the house of Israel; even my people that were led by Ephraim, and are again led by Ephraim today.  In these things I ask that you take great hope; for many years have I waited to gather my people Israel, and the thing is of great worth to me.

I ask that you, my Church, now submit to me more fully, even all aspects of your life; that I might dwell with you more completely; might use you to accomplish this great thing of bringing forth my Zion, and the gathering of the house of Israel.
I speak to you on this special Day of Atonement that you might be strengthened to continue in this great work that I have entrusted unto you.  In the not too distant future you will see great calamities of both physical and economic nature come upon this, my Land of Promise. 

I would have you not be overcome by these things, even though many of my faithful ones will also suffer along with the wicked.  For my children, too, have many things of the world that must be removed from their lives, if they are to continue forth and accomplish the work that I have entrusted to them.

Be assured that I am with you; but, only in this way can I remove my adversary’s kingdom and prepare a place for my Zion.  I ask that you forsake your own lives and determine now to live for me and your brothers and sisters; that I might use you to save those who do not know me, who might otherwise be overcome in the fear and confusion that will come upon all who are still reliant on the things of my adversary’s kingdom.

Oh my people, I am pleading with you to let go of these things now; so that when they are taken from you, you will not be dismayed, because your faith and heart are, instead, unto me.  Be assured that I am waiting on you, my people, to respond more fully; and if you will heed this counsel, I will use you to assist and bring others through their difficult times unto me.
I speak to you on this day that you might know that I am both your provider and your judge; and my children have soon fully ripened in iniquity; and because of these things, my judgment will soon fall swiftly upon them.  Be assured of these things, and know that only those who now prepare will be able to abide these things.

Oh my faithful ones put aside the things that you place before me; continue in humble supplication and yield yourself fully unto me.  If you will do these things, I will provide my Spirit unto you in full measure, and you will be strengthened, and will be a great comfort to others, and will one day stand before me and know my great joy in you.

Thus saith your Bridegroom and King, your Redeemer and Messiah, Jesus Christ, the Holy One of Israel.

Even So, Amen.

The Lord was merciful in these, as well as many other blessings, during the convening of the Saints at this conference.  May we take to heart His words and diligently continue in our daily devotion and sacrifice for Him.