Inspired Counsel through Elder George Baldwin
Prayer Service May 31, 2010 -- Retreat -- Geneseo, IL

Oh my people, Prepare Ye, Prepare Ye. The time draws near. Are you prepared to stand before me, the Master? I will not wait for you, you must be prepared. Remember the parable of the Ten Virgins. Now is the time to trim and fill your lamps. The Bridegroom cometh, the wedding feast is near at hand. Will you enter in or remain outside? Your life needs to be dedicated to the preparation for my coming.

Many are not prepared for the times to come. Your faith is weak. Am not I the one that controls the world and all that is in it? Why doubt my ways? I will not be frustrated in my work, and all is for my purposes. Challenges in your life are the testing of fire for your faith. Will you allow your faith to be consumed?

Press forward with all diligence of faith in my work. There is much work to do an so few workers, but they that thrust in the sickle will find great power, will work and not be weary. Prepare Ye, Prepare Ye, the time is near.