Inspired Counsel through Elder George Baldwin
Prayer Service April 21, 2010 -- JCRB conference -- Independence, MO

Oh my people, hear my voice.  You are my church.  It is time to move forward with boldness, My time draws near.  My financial laws are righteous and need your response with a fervent faith.  People the world over cry for my gospel. It is time to move but your faith limits the work.  It is my desire to have My gospel taught to the world.  It is time to fulfill the Great Commission.  Move with your calling as members and priesthood.

You must unite in the work.  Move forward with boldness of My love.  It is My love which will accomplish My work, not your desire.  Move near to Me and I will open the doors of the world.  I call  each of you to My work and to draw near that I may bless you.  I chose you as you have chosen Me.  The time is near.

To my children Doug, Eric, and Mark; do not doubt your callings.  I am in need of your service.  I am in need of all that will labor in the field.


elders Quorum April 23, 2010 -- JCRB conference -- Independence, MO

Oh my elders, How small is your faith?  I will preserve the High Priests as long as I need.  I will move forward at my time.  You will not need to wait long.  I have chosen those that will serve me in humbleness, and who desire only to serve.  Cry no more from fear, but in sorrow for my people.