Inspired Counsel through Elder George Baldwin
July 16, 2009 -- JCRB Reunion -- Geneseo, IL

Like the rain has cleansed the earth, these grounds have been cleansed by Aaronic Priesthood. This gift has been given by my choice. I have provided ths sanctuary that your cup might be filled. Be ye worthy of this gift.

Zion is at hand and this is your taste of what could be if you sanctify yourself. A great work lies ahead; your light will bring it forth when you shine to your neighbors.

Turn to me in these times of tribulation. My adversary grows strong and will move forward with his plan of destruction. Turn to me and be prepared; for by my strength you will be protected under my wing. Blessed be those who turn to me in these last days.

To the youth -- you are my church. You are my own. Hold on to the Rod of Iron with all your might; for the adversary desires you more than those whose time is short. Learn of my ways, you have all that is required in the scriptures. If you follow me, I will always be with you. I will prevail. Choose who you desire to serve.

To the priesthood -- I desire for you to work to fulfill all parts of your calling. Your failure to place your service in the highest priority has hampered the growth of the church. Do not consume yourself in the worldly work; dedicate yourself to the holy work that lies before you.

My return is sooner than many believe; make my path straight. Move forward in boldness; for the time draws near. The time to wait is over; move forward. Those that desire to be immovable are already spiritually dead.

To the Seventy -- Your work is great, do not be discouraged. I am pleased with the direction you have chosen. Do not worry about funds or where to go, I will always provide the direction and what you need. Hasten your efforts, the time is short and much must be done. Many are calling out to hear my gospel. Work steadfastly; I am near at hand as you move forward.

Oh my children, my love is great and everlasting. I will forgive, if you desire to repent. Do not be slow in coming unto me. I will come quickly. The time to set your life in order is now.