Inspired Message Given Friday at Priesthood Meeting
July 22, 2010 -- Geneseo Reunion -- Geneseo, IL

Elder George Baldwin testified that it had been made known to him a few weeks prior that a message would be brought forth on Friday of the Geneseo Reunion. Yvonne Galusha received the message the day prior and gave it to Patriarch Vernon Darling, who shared it at the next morning's Priesthood Meeting.

Hear ye my sons the voice of your Shepherd, even Jesus Christ, the one whom you have covenanted to serve; the one who is leading you to go forth in unity and love to gather my sheep; even the lost tribes of Israel, and all who will be willing to come and be adopted unto her.

For now is the time to gather all who will come into one fold; that as I commence my marvelous work of bringing forth the redemption of my Zion and the separation of the righteous from the wicked, my children might be prepared for my coming in power and glory unto the destruction of the wicked, and all that remains in my adversary’s kingdom.

Be assured, my sons, that the field is white and the time draws nigh for my coming; thus, I ask that you diligently thrust in your sickle and reap while it is yet day that many might be gathered into my sanctuary.

I know the hearts of each one, and I know your desires to go forth more fully and proclaim my everlasting gospel.  These desires are most pleasing to me, and it is for this cause that I have ordained more Seventy that the work of gathering my sheep might commence in greater measure. 

I would have you know that the day soon cometh when the door will be opened for you to go where you hitherto have not been allowed place; and then will you be empowered, by my Spirit, to proclaim these things with a loud voice; that those, whose hearts I have prepared to receive you, might be brought into my Church; that many might assist in the great work of building up the waste places of Zion, and the bringing forth of the gathering of the house of Israel.

My sons, now is a day of final preparation.  I ask that you seek me diligently in your private places; that I might prepare you individually for the work that you alone can do for me; that all might have opportunity to assist in this great and marvelous work; even the redemption of my Kingdom, my Zion, again fully to the earth.

I ask that you go from this place in greater consecration of all that I have given you; that the work might go forth, even unto the breaking of bone and marrow of the joints of my adversary’s kingdom; that many might be saved unto me; that my children might again be brought, one day, even into the presence of my Father; the one full of grace and truth, who sent me to bring His children back unto Him.

My sons, what can I say to awaken you to the desires of my heart; to empower you, just as the Father empowered me, to grant you all that you might go forth to the reclaiming of souls, just as I was sent? 

Know that many here will be called to offer everything to this work; and it is only as you lay down all of yourself that I am able to reach those, who are trapped more fully, in the clutches of that wicked one; who seeks the place of the Father, even the eternal one; who has no beginning and end; who can never cease that life might not cease.

My sons, I give you this counsel that you might go from this place more fully committed to propagate my work; that when you come before me you will know more fully my joy; and will share with me in the joy of my Father, as He sees the souls you brought unto Him through your love, and sacrifice, and labors.

Let these things penetrate deep into your hearts; that you might enter into a walk of servitude with me more fully; might know my joys and sorrow as you share with me in the work of saving souls, again, into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Set your face to accomplish all that I ask; and let nothing separate you from the covenant of Priesthood, of which you have entered with me. 

I give you these words now, for very soon, you will see the effect of evil in your lands; and then will the hearts of many be more willing to turn back to me.

I ask that you diligently prepare; that when this day comes, you will be ready to go and do what I ask you to do; and will be strengthened, in me, to perform the acts, even as did my apostles in days of old.

Now is the time to strengthen your faith and walk with me; that you will know that all that I ask of you can be accomplished, through the power of my Spirit.

My sons, I will not leave you comfortless.  I will be with you, even unto death for some; and I will give you all that you need, to accomplish all that I ask you to do in my name; but, you must be prepared in me.

Thus saith your Lord, your Master, and your King.  Doubt not these things; for I have spoken to you; and all who ask of me will be given witness by my Spirit.  Even So, Amen.