Inspired Message through Seventy Gary Wilson
April 18, 2011 -- JCRB General Conference -- Independence, MO

Saints, throughout this day I have had the Spirit of God very very close to me. I know it was because I love to preach. But I also know it was because of the great experience that I had yesterday while I was at the auditorium—or across the way (referring to the Conference Center), during the communion service. I don't think I was ever as blessed in my life as I was during that service. Beginning with a beautiful duet by the Bates boys – they brought such powerful ministry. And listening to those beautiful violins play, I walked into the courts of glory. And I heard my Father saying:

"Tell my children that I love them. Tell my children that what they are doing is the will of my Son. Tell my children,
Do not despair, for the work of the latter days that I entrusted in my servant Joseph is the same work that you my people are called to promulgate in your time. I know that my adversary has desires to destroy my Holy church. But be assured that it is in vain. For I have forces that are ready to come forth from my presence to be with you, my people, and cause great miracles to take place – much more than you have ever seen. Be of good cheer and follow me. Follow the words of my Son, for they are words of truth and words of soberness. Find joy in your days of service for the day will come when many of you shall see the salvation of my Son take place. I will not be mocked by man. What I have said in ages past I continue to say today. I am the same that spoke and all things were, and are, and will be. Do not despair for my word is sure and it will not come back to me void. And you are the people of my choice. Move forward and be not afraid to stand in those places that for many of you are uncomfortable, but to stand in the truth and under the mantle of my Son. Thus saith the Lord God of Israel unto you my people."

Confirmation by Presiding Elder, Richard Hoff, "As one being in charge, I'd like to bear witness of and confirm the voice of the Lord through our Brother, Gary. He has brought to us a message of Jesus Christ today. May His peace truly rest upon you and may you be encouraged today. May hope have been inspired in your hearts."