Elbert A. Smith -- Novermber 4, 1917 -- Lamoni, Iowa

You are admonished that ye be not unduly concerned because you are few in number as compared with the world. That is not your concern, but be concerned only that your righteousness be very great, for a few righteous men can accomplish very much, and a little leaven leaveneth a great lump.

I have many forces at work in the world, saith the Lord. I have many spiritual forces at work that you know not of. You see but the smaller part of my work, and the world perceives it not at all.

Therefore be not concerned because you are few in number, but let each one look to himself, and to the condition of his own heart and life. Be humble and righteous and full of love, casting out the spirit of hatred, that you may stand in holy places and receive the blessings of the Lord.

History of the Church, RLDS
Volume 6, pages 645-646