Arturo Gomez' Testimony Translated by Frank Frye
Shared June 2006 Seventy Reunion -- Lamoni, Iowa

On the 25th of January, 1995, about one in the morning, I was asleep in a hammock, when a person dressed in white clothing appeared to me and invited me to go with him in the air. When we were in the air, he told me to look back and see my body there in the hammock, and there it was. I started to be afraid, and he told me don’t be afraid, and so we went as flying in the air.

We arrived in a large city, and we came down to about the level of a light pole. He asked me, “Do you know this city?” I saw the street signs that said Washington Boulevard and Pico Ave., and I said, “Yes, I know this place.” I said, “This is Los Angeles, California.” He told me this city will be destroyed like the city Sodom was destroyed for the wickedness that’s in it.

Then we went up in the air again, and he took me to a place where there were some buildings like towers. He said, “Do you know this place?” I said “No.” He told me, “This is New York. These towers are going to fall and all of this city will be destroyed after that because the Lord will destroy it because it is similar to Gomorrah.”

Then we went back up in the air again, and we saw a lot of other cities like in one of the sides of Canada. We returned to another area and saw a lot of other cities, and he told me all these cities will be destroyed.

Then in just an instant, we were in Independence, Missouri, and we were there around 24 Highway about the height of the trees. He said, “Look over there,” and I saw the spike, the tip of the temple of the Community of Christ Church. I saw like a lightning ray or a bolt of lightning come down from the heavens and destroyed that, and it turned into kind of like a tornado and continued destroying.

Then I asked the person that I was with, “Who are you?” He told me, “I am Michael that has come from the presence of the Lord. I have come to show you many things.” When he said that, he said, “Look down below,” and I saw that the cars were leaving the highways in Independence and people were dead. People were running out of their houses, and there was like an earthquake and people died. Then later there came birds that were black. They had beaks that were similar to parrots, and they began to eat the flesh of the people that were dead. I was very afraid, and he said, “Don’t be afraid. This place has to be cleansed for the gathering of the Saints because here will be established the New Jerusalem.”

Then we went down into a tunnel similar to the caves that are there in Independence, but inside of this tunnel, it was like there was a highway there, very wide-wide enough like for six cars abreast. The people were running, but it was like their feet weren’t touching the ground, and we arrived at a place in the tunnel where it was a little dark, there wasn’t very much light. There were men and women that were chained to the walls of the tunnels. They had great burdens on their backs, on their shoulders. I asked, “What are these burdens that are on their backs?” He told me, “These are the people that heard the gospel, but they never wanted to repent. They didn’t want to wash their sins away in the waters of baptism, and they’re chained to the walls with their sins still on their shoulders. They will have to be there until the resurrection.”

We went past that place, and he said, “I’m going to show you someone that you know.” When we arrived there, I saw people with like fire on their bodies, and there was a young man who came to me who said, “Arturo, help me.” I told him, “I can’t.” The person that had identified himself as Michael said to me,” You know him?” I said, “Yes. That was the young man whose mother gave me my first Bible.” I asked, “Why is he here?”

“He’s here because he learned part of the gospel but didn’t obey it. He has to be here until the resurrection.” We went out of there and people were crying very desperately.

We left there and came to a large wall. We went above in the air, above this wall, and I could feel like a very hot wave of heat in the air, like opening the door of an oven. He said, “This is the lake of fire where those who knew the gospel, made a covenant with the Father, and they did not endure to the end. They did not keep their testimony. They will be cast into this place along with Satan. Satan, hell and death will be cast into this place.” He told me no one knows its depth, nor its width, nor its height, only the ones that are cast in there.

When we were taken away from there again, and I went back into myself in my hammock. My heart was very tired as if I’d been out running. The next day I didn’t have enough strength to even go to work. That’s the experience the Archangel Michael showed me.