Counsel & Admonition by High Priest Al Stanley
April 26, 1987 -- Grain Valley Congregation

I am suggesting to you this morning, men of God, that God awaits for you to prepare our life in a way that the power of the majesty of his Holy Spirit can dwell within you, that you can understand the mind and will of God.  He will send you to places you have never seen before, He will invite you in areas where you have never been before. Because out there, He needs you to invest your life in His people.

A few days ago, as I was sitting at home, I felt impressed by the Spirit of God. And I am not sure if He intends for me to share with you all about what He shared with me. The only thing that I am permitted to say to you, is that time is running out.

Time is running out for my priesthood who have failed to respond and magnify their calling. Time is running out for my people who have failed to live up to the standards as I have set for you and called you to. Time is running out for those who have hate and pride and greed and selfishness within their lives to prohibit them from participating in the fullness of His Spirit which He desires to have with you and be a part of you. Time is running out for my people who fail to come to services of worship in the spirit of prayer and fasting that they might enjoy the fullness of that power which is available to them. Time is running out for the day shall come that that city which I have prepared shall be burned, even as it were by fire. And out of the rubble there of, there shall then arise a people who have been prepared under the tutelage and mantle and the power of my Spirit, who are in harmony with the gospel which has been restored by my son in these the latter days. Time is running out! Time is now running out. Ye are called this hour to prepare your lives, that my son might dwell among you. Let Him live in you each day. Be receptive to the majesty and the beauty of every day that I might speak to you, encourage you and send you forth, for time is running out my people.