Testimony by Richard Hensley
"Exceeding Great Faith"

During my time and ministry spent among the Native Americans, I have observed their spirituality and exceeding faith. These two qualities have been significantly apparent in the miracles I have witnessed.

The first one took place not too long after my wife, Elsie, and I moved onto the Navajo reservation in AZ. The church was in the process of dissolving the office of Indian Ministries. The Lord led Elsie and I to live in Pinon, AZ as self sustaining missionaries. I found employment along with my wife at the new school facility. We had rented a trailer which had a fairly long room attached. This made a nice meeting place for the Navajo.

One Wednesday evening a group of about twenty Navajos had gathered for a prayer service. During the service Louise Yazzie said her mother, Blanche Yazzie, needed "a blessing".

They call administration a blessing. Brother Lindon Stowell and I were the only two priesthood present. Being both Aaronic priests we prayed for her asking God's angels to give her the blessing of which she stood in need.

After the service she spoke in her native tongue, she doesn't speak or understand English, and moved her hands from her head down her body. I asked her daughter what she was saying. She said her mother was thanking us for the blessing she had received.

That next Sunday as we were visiting the different Navajo camps, we stopped by Looking For Horse camp where the Yazzies lived. Blanche, through her granddaughter, explained her marvelous testimony. She said that she had gotten arthritis so bad she could no longer sit at her loom and weave. Being in her seventies she feared becoming an invalid and not being able to contribute to her family. She said as Lindon and I prayed for her that the Holy Spirit rested on her and she felt it going through her entire body and she was instantly healed. As she shared this testimony, she was stringing her loom once again.