Prayer at Restoration Branch Spiritual Gathering
April 7, 2005 -- 9:00 am Service

Dear Heavenly Father I, too, lift my voice with my brothers and my sisters. And I would ask that you would cause the ministering angels to be amongst us in great abundance that their ministry would soften our hearts. That we may obey you and do those things that you would have for us to do.

For Father you have given us one hundred and some odd years to do it our way and each time we ask for direction we took your counsel as not. And we did it our way. Father I would ask that you would forgive us of this sin. For we come in your midst with sorrow and pain for the mess that we have created.

We as your people are scattered amongst all the land and in many nations. And we do suffer and we have great many who are sick and afflicted because of it. Father, I know you are here for we feel your presence. And we know you see. And I would ask that you would look and know us. I would ask that you would have mercy upon your people, Father, for we come before you repentant. And we come before you with desire to be obedient, but we do not yet have the courage to step out and be that light unto the world. For there are many ways about us that Satan has devised and it has caused us to be a light unto ourselves. We have become like cattle who need prodded and pushed. Father we have become a people who need a catalyst to jump start us. Father, as we become that people who you want us to be I would ask that you would bless us with your Holy Spirit. That we be more like sheep who follow their shepherd.

I ask that you would bless those who have been put in charge that you will guide their mind and guide their spirit. That they would only do that which is best for your people. Father I would also ask that you would bless your people. That we may not be dispersed any longer. For you have said in your scriptures that when we turn back unto you that you will gather us together again. And we come to you with that promise, Father. And here in this room are a people who desire to be one with you. Gathered together in your name. And we claim your promise, Father, that is written in the scriptures. And we ask that you would prepare us that we may even have a visitation of your Son as our Fathers did in Zarahemla.

Oh Father, I ask these blessings for your world needs it so bad. That your church may be one and that you may remember the covenant that you made with your people Israel. I would ask that you be with them at this time in their hour of need as well. Bless them Father with a peace that they may have peace in their land once again.

And I would ask that you would cause a fire to grow within your church that even the remnant of the house of Israel may feel your Spirit. And that they, too, may be gathered together in this place with us. That we may build your temple that we may worship together. I ask these things, Father, in your most holy and precious name, Jesus Christ. Amen.