Testimony of Prophecy by Elder Vernon Kent
Lucas & Chariton, Iowa

I, Vernon E. Kent, having been born of goodly parents, therefore I was taught somewhat in the principles of the fullness of the gospel of Christ. But more than this, I was taught that there was a God in heaven and I was taught to pray to Him regularly, especially by my mother.

Because of these things, there was created in me a desire to join the church and to be baptized. So when I was twelve years old a service of baptism was planned and held in the Chariton Congregation by our pastor John W. Blackstock. The following Sunday I was confirmed a member of the Church by John W. Blackstock. In the services of baptism and confirmation I had felt nothing out the ordinary.

But two weeks later on my first communion Sunday, it was a totally different experience. The bread and the wine had been served and John W. Blackstock stood to speak to the congregation (I was told later that he spoke in prophecy.) At that moment I felt the presence of someone standing behind me and I felt someone touch me on the top of my head. From that point came the kindling fire of rebirth and as it passed over and through my body. I felt my sins were forgiven me. After the cleansing power of the Holy Ghost the Voice of the Holy Spirit said to me in an audible voice, “If you will remember the covenant you have made with me in the waters of baptism, the day will come when you will be called to the priesthood of this church.”

For years I held this in my heart and shared it with no man. But I have lived to see and experience the fullment of this prophesy that was given to me by the voice of the Spirit. I know and have a perfect knowledge that in the waters of baptism we are making a covenant with our Heavenly Father to keep His commandments.