Testimony by Karen Bow
Looking Horse Camp -- Pinon, Arizona
July 24-26, 2006

"For several months I had been working and planning for the camp, along with the other Dine (Navajo) church members. I was very excited about the camp and couldn’t wait. The first day of camp, Monday, everyone was in the tent for the morning prayer service. I was sitting there listening to the prayers. Suddenly I felt a tingling, warm feeling from my head to my toes. I looked up and I saw my grandmother, Blanch Yazzie, who had passed away several years ago. She was wearing a purple skirt and a light blue and purple shirt. She seemed to be talking or saying something. I put my head down again. I felt like someone was fanning me like with the cedar and feather."

"At the afternoon class (I believe it was David Bronson's class), he was reading the scriptures when I felt God's Holy Spirit come over me again. I thought it was my grandmother again because she used to always tell us to go to church. I felt her presence with us all during the camp. That evening before the campfire, the Navajo Pinon choir was practicing in my mom's house when someone came in and asked the Pinon choir to come out and sing. So our choir went out to the campfire and we stood in front of the fire and sang. While we were singing I was looking into the fire. I saw three men standing behind the fire. They were dressed in white robes. It came into my mind that these three men were the three Nephites."

"Early Tuesday morning, about 6 AM, I took my daughter, Tamara, to Tuba City hospital to have her tonsils out. When she was ready to go to the anesthetist, she told me she was scared and asked me to call her grandma (Louise Yazzie). So I went to the payphone and called my mom and she then asked some of the priesthood at the camp to pray for Tamara. The surgery was supposed to take an hour, but it only took 20 minutes. The doctor told Tamara only to eat soft things, like soup and jello, and not to ride her bicycle. But that same day she was eating regular food and was riding her bicycle. We all felt it was a miracle. We were so thankful for the prayers."

"That night at the campfire the Pinon choir was singing again. I was looking at the fire again and I saw the same three men standing behind the fire. Also, when we sang the song, "Bound For That City," the three men looked up and were smiling. I wondered if they liked that song. I saw the tall buildings of a city behind the three men. The buildings were sparkling and shining, like crystals.
At the Wednesday campfire when we were singing again, the same three men appeared
behind the fire. We sang again, "Bound For That City," and "Jesus Loves Me.”"

"When we finished singing we sat down around the campfire. Then one of the priesthood was standing by the campfire and talking. I looked toward the west and I saw my grandmother, Blanch. She was so happy, she was clapping her hands and laughing."

"At the Thursday night campfire, while Nancy Toadachine was singing "KumbyYah," I saw the same three men standing behind the fire. They were standing at the door of a very large hogan. I could see a temple and many people all around. When Tom LaPahe sang his two songs, the whole camp was quiet. God's Holy Spirit was there in power.""


My Testimony of the Dine* Church of Jesus Christ Restored Pinon, AZ,
Looking for Horse Camp,
July 24-28, 2006
by Richard Hensley

"My testimony started back in around March of 2006 when we held a camp planning meeting with the staff at the home of Lucille Beal in Independence, MO. The direction I received in preparation was as follows: "Have all pray that the Holy Ghost will fall upon the Dine' as it did upon the Lamanites as recorded in the Book of Mormon, and pray that those who are called the Three Nephites shall come and bless the people." I shared this testimony with everyone at our staff meeting, and from that time forth, we all began to pray as directed. I also shared my testimony with our Dine' Church members, and they too prayed along with the staff. Although Elsie and I were not able to attend the camp due to the unexpected passing of our son, I knew God would be in charge of the camp. As you read the testimonies of those "who were at the camp, you will see how those prayers were answered."

"I also feel to share my experience which relates to Tom LaPahe's testimony of the camp. (Tom has been a long-time Navajo friend.) A couple of years ago, I had heard that Tom was seriously ill with a heart problem. The doctors were doubtful of his recovery. Upon hearing this a great burden came upon me for Tom. I had known him for many years and knew how valuable he was to his people. One day as I began to pray for him, the Holy Spirit spoke to my mind and said. "Go and pray for Tom." This command came with such a degree of the Spirit that I immediately drove to his house. I found him alone in his house and I told him I felt led to come and offer a prayer for him. Tom said he would greatly appreciate that. I felt such an out pouring of the Spirit of God that I knew he received a blessing. Today he continues to be very active in his community, assisting his people. He is a good man and I know the Lord loves him very much."

*Dine' is what the Navajo call themselves.