"Life Is Service"
by Beverly Jean Kent
July 10, 1961

The Master was searching for workers
To harvest His vineyard in love;
His call to His servants who sought Him
Was sounded to each where he was.

The Creator said, "Come here and serve me!"
The answer was, "Thy call I hear,
But I am so weary from labor
Scarce time can I offer, I fear."

The Father sighed, "Son, will you hear me?"
"But needs of my home must be met,
Others who have more can give more,
I will when these things are set."

He whispered, "Oh, youth, will you help me?"
"But I am not yet thus prepared,
Just wait 'til I gain more in knowledge;
My life then with all I will share."

Then, "Lo, see My service is waiting."
"But I, Lord, am too old and bent,
With most means and energy waning
My best has already been spent."

The Lord called, "The field is now whitened,
Come serve me with that which you are;
I know that life's moments are busy,
But I need you -- I want you now."

"Come, gain these while daily you serve me,
Don't wait for more money, less care;
The time for your work may have vanished,
What then of the knowledge you've fared?"

"If you will move out, walk beside me,
Then we'll find the moments, the way;
And you'll find your yoke will be easy,
As insights of my cross repay."

His call is to cease giving s'cond best,
His investments in us magnify;
To follow His Spirit to cal'ry,
For here life Celestial we find.