Much effort has been made to digitize and organize media to provide the Saints access to, both historic and current, fullness of the gospel information. The purpose is to assist believers in Jesus Christ to grow in their relationship and service with Him.

This web interface facilitates search by topic, author, series, date or media type. The media types are document, audio, image, presentation and video. The first four types are available as downloadable files, while video can only be viewed on our youtube channel. The corresponding download file types are pdf, mp3, jpg and ppt.

We hope that you enjoy and gain great spiritual strength from our media, provided at no charge. However, please consider a donation to support this effort. Also, please give attribution to this Library and the author when using any media from this site in a type of public venue.

All glory be unto Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of the Father, in whom we rejoice to serve!